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Organic Hiking Clothes

Organic Hiking Clothes – Are organic clothes the real deal?

Many a hiker considers themself a eco-friendly, nature lover. They recycle, cut six-pack rings, buy organic, and all that eco friendly jazz. That’s all fine and dandy, but did you ever stop to think about hiking clothes?


Petroleum based synthetics diminish fossil fuels. Certain chemicals in odor reducing garments can pollute water ways. Not to mention that most synthetic hiking clothes take forever to degrade once they make it to a landfill.

Outdoor clothing manufacturers are working on creating organic hiking clothes from a variety of natural resources. Some of these renewable resources include; Soy, bamboo, coconut, and corn. Most of these new organic hiking clothes are said to be just as good as their synthetic counter parts.

As with many things organic and green, there is still much to be learned. While these organic hiking clothes may be eco-friendly, they aren’t the most durable products. As manufacturing processes unfold, organic clothes are sure to become cheaper and more durable.