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Optimus Crux Stove

optimus-stove.jpgOptimus Crux Stove – Super duper compact backpacking stove

When backpacking, there are lightweight canister stoves and then there are ultralight canister stoves. The Optimus Crux Stove would definitely fall into the ultralight category. If you are the type of backpacker who cuts straps off your backpack and cuts your tooth brush in half to save ounces, the Optimus Crux Stove is something you may want to look into addingto your arsnel of lightweight toys.

The entire Optimus Crux Stove unit folds up small enough to be store in a specially amde spot under the fuel canister its self. Barely tipping the scales, the Optimus Crux Stove only wieghs a mere 93 grams. Hows that for small and lightweight? Just because the stove is ubber small dosent mean its lacking in operational features.

In good conditions, the Optimus Crux Stove can boil a liter of water in 3 minutes. The Optimus Crux Stove uses a 220g butane canister, which is also used to store the cooking portion of the stove. Not only is it fast, but extremely fuel efficient. The Optimus Crux Stove uses around 5 grams of fuel to boil 8 ounces of water.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $55

Why the rock:

  • 2 inch diameter burner distributes heat widely onto the cooking pot reducing the risk of spot burning food.
  • Turbine shaped, serrated pot supports provide increased stability.
  • Extremely compact thanks to the innovative foldable burner head.
  • Optimus Crux is made from stainless and durable materials but weighs a mere 3.3 oz.
  • The unique stuff bag makes the stove pack flush with the bottom of the LP-gas canister.

Why it bites:

  • Older versions of the Crux are bit unstable

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

The Optimus Crux Stove has been around for a while and won its fair share of awards. If you need a compact, fuel efficient stove, the Optimus Crux Stove should definitely be on your list of backpacking stoves to look into. Its design may not work for every situation, but it is still a serious stove that deserves a closer look.

Looking to buy? Check out these sites:
Amazon: $55