Online Travel Community Resources

One of the best parts about traveling, is being able to tell your friends and family about your trip. As an independent traveler, you’ll no doubt experience highs, lows and just plain weird situations that everyone else can learn from or be entertained by.

In my opinion, if you’re going on just about any trip (other than those boring business trips) 1/2 the excitement is planning, discussing and sharing with other people.




Here’s a few resources to make it easier for you:

  • Travel Blog: A travel blog is a great way to let your friends and family know about what’s going on while you’re traveling, without having to write every one of them an email. Update your site through just about any old web browser. Your mom, pops, and brother billy can all log in and check out what you’ve written and pictures you’ve uploaded when they get the chance.
  • Travel Community: A great place to connect with other like-minded travelers is the BootsnAll Travel Community – aka Travel Forums. Here’s why I think the BootsnAll forums are one of the best: BootsnAll manually screens EVERYONE who signs up for a membership. It’s still Free, but many of the one-time posters and people who aren’t responsible “netizens” are reduced by a huge amount. Forums are always forums, but this does help significantly.

Whatcha waiting on? Go check out the free travel blogs and travel community and “get your travel on!”