North Face Product Previews

My ugly mug wrapped in North FaceWe’ve gone on location again, to test out some more North Face gear. This time, the destination is windy, rainy Seaside, Oregon. If you think the NW has miserable weather, it gets upped a notch by going to the coast.

Notice, we call it the “coast” here, not the “beach.” It’s an unofficial rule, because “beach” implies sun and warm temperatures.

This time, we’ve got North Face’s Cooper Skully beanie hat and Altimont Hoodie. There’s not much special about the beanie, but initial impressions give a thumbs up for both items.




Check back again tomorrow for a full review of both. We’re also going to put the Hammock Bliss travel hammock through some hiking and relaxing paces.

Yeah, that’s my beautiful face in the North Face gear. But I promise my mediocre looks will have no effect on the product reviews. Fan mail can be directed here.