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Netbook Roundup

netbookEven if you aren’t into electronics, it is hard to not have heard all the fuss over netbooks. They seem to be everywhere these days. I even happened to notice that they are even being advertised on TV now. These netbooks are becoming even more popular than ever. In fact, there are so many netbooks on the market that it is hard to keep up with them. That’s where this netbook roundup comes in to play. This netbook round up will grow as the popularity of netbooks increase. Here you will find some general information about what netbooks are, who netbooks are for, what to look for in netbooks, and other netbook related information. You will also find links to our in depth reviews about some of the most popular netbooks on the market.

If you are unfamiliar with netbooks in general, you may be wondering just what a netbook is. To the untrained eye a netbook may look like nothing more than a tiny laptop. To put it simply, that is pretty much what a netbook is. All of the computers in this netbook round up are all very much smaller than your traditional laptop. The idea of the netbook and its small size is to give you the basic functions you need from a laptop, but without all of the software and hardware you don’t. By eliminating the things you don’t need, you get a laptop that is significantly smaller but still fairly powerful. While they are pretty powerful for their size, they aren’t ideal for everyone.

Check out some of our netbook roundup reviews:

The idea of the netbook is geared mostly toward travel use. These mini computers can do routine tasks like email, text documents, and surf the web without blinking an eye. If you travel a lot or just have a need to be able to get online randomly, then one of the computers in this netbook roundup might be perfect for you. That said, netbooks are not perfect for everyone. If you regularly work with large photos or other big documents, then a netbook might not be for you. They work well for transferring photos from a digital camera to an online account, but don’t work well as storage for the image files.

A would might come to understand, netbooks are an extremely useful tool for travelers. Taking a full blown laptop on your travels can often be more than you need. Not to mention they are big and bulky to carry in your bag and can make you a prime target for theft. The netbooks in this roundup on the other hand are the exact opposite. Aside from only having the functions you need, netbooks are both small in size and price. Their small size makes them easy to pack and carry, not to mention they are a lot easier to hide from would be thieves. Should your netbook be stolen, you won’t be out too much. They usual cost on a few hundred dollars. And since you cant store a lot of information and documents on them, you won’t loose much in that area either.