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Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent

nemo-morpho.jpgNemo Morpho AR 2 Tent – No poles required!

How would you like a backpacking tent that requires no poles, wieghs around four pounds, and sets up in less than 45 seconds? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t a dream, its the Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent. The tent uses a unique technology the company calls AirSupported Technology. This technology makes the tent lighter, stronger, and easier to setup than traditional backpacking tents.

The Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent uses AirSupported beams to support the tent and give it its shape. These AirSupported beams are twice as strong as typical aluminum poles and are less likely to snap under pressure. Instead, the AirSuppoted beams of the Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent bend with pressure and pop right back into place.

Don’t think that because the Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent uses this AirSupported technology that its some crappy, inflatable tent. Its quite the opposite. The Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent can handle light snow, high winds, and down pours like a champ. In the event that the heavy duty, laminate covered fabric punctures, it is easy to repair in the field.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $395

Why the rock:

  • AirSupported Technology offers unrivaled field repairability, quick setup and zero hassle
  • AirSupported beams are twice as strong as standard aluminum poles and bounce back instead of snapping under weight or extreme wind
  • Airbeams are constructed with a heavy-duty laminate fabric that is tough, and in the unlikely event of a puncture they’re easily repaired in the field
  • Single-wall shell is made from Silnylon OSMO™ waterproof, breathable fabric which fights condensation with its high rate of breathability
  • Exofl front canopy creates a roomy interior with mesh for summer breezes and a vestibule for stormy weather
  • Durable floor is made from tough polyurethane-coated nylon
  • Scalloped tail keeps the tent body taut and numerous vents facilitate climate control
  • Morpho sets up in about 45 seconds with the Nemoid™ foot pump; packs up in even less time with no poles and no rainfly to mess with
  • Reflective guyouts, interior mesh pockets and an integrated Light Pocket™ round out the details
  • Includes dry-bag stuff sack, stakes/guylines, Nemoid foot pump, repair kit, two spare bladders and setup instructions

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

I think the Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent is an awesome design and very interesting technology. I would love to hear about anyones experience with the Nemo Morpho AR 2 Tent in an extreme condition. Does it hold up as well as other high end, three season tents or does it buckle under pressure of wind and rain?

Looking to buy? Check out these sites:

Amazon: $395