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NEMO Gogo LE Bivy

NEMO Gogo LE Bivy – Part bivy and part ultralight shelter.
I am not really into the whole bivy thing, but the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy really caught my eye. Perhaps it was the bright green color that caught my eye, or maybe it was the $200+ price tag. But, upon reading up about the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy I was more and more impressed with it. It is so cool in fact that I wish I had the need for such a shelter. You really can’t beat a shelter that is so small, has room for your backpack inside it, and does not even have a single pole! That’s right, this little puppy doesn’t even have a single pole in its design.

In order to give the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy its shape, the tent uses a combination of stakes and special inflatable poles. This bivy uses something called AirSupport Technology to help give the bivy its structure without the use of poles. The benefits of this sort of technology add all kinds of benefits to the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy. The lack of poles obviously helps reduce the overall weight of the bivy. This is cool because most people that are buying bivys do so because they want to save weight and room, but similar designed bivys use poles and weigh more.

Another great feature of the AirSupport technology as a replacement for traditional tent poles is that they are much stronger than aluminum tent poles. Unlike traditional tent poles that will bend or break under the pressure of strong winds, AirSupported Technology simply bends with the wind and will bounce right back into shape without any problems. If you are worried about the supports getting punctured, don’t be. They are actually made out of a super tough laminate that won’t puncture easily.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $267

Why they rock:

  • This roomy adventure bivy is perfect for fast packing and solo traverses, and now with the extra length you have 10 ft. of interior length to share with your pack
  • With the 2nd door you’ll have a quick escape without having to move or crawl over your pack, a way to check the weather and an additional ventilation option
  • AirSupported Technology offers unrivaled field repairability, quick setup and zero hassle
  • AirSupported beams are twice as strong as standard aluminum poles and bounce back instead of snapping under weight or extreme wind
  • Airbeams are constructed with a heavy-duty laminate fabric that is tough, and in the unlikely event of a puncture they’re easily repaired in the field
  • Airbeam construction ensures fast and easy tent setup/takedown and a very small packed size
  • Integrated foot pump inflates the Gogo in about 15 seconds from inside or out, weighs less than 4 oz. and packs easily into the tent’s stuff sack
  • Single-wall shell is made from Silnylon OSMO waterproof, breathable fabric which fights condensation with its high rate of breathability
  • Gogo’s Exofly front canopy creates a roomy interior with mesh for summer breezes and a vestibule for stormy weather
  • Swallowtail design allows you to add a stick to the foot of the bivy to tension it up off your sleeping bag; this also enhances ventilation
  • Durable floor is made from tough polyurethane-coated nylon
  • Features reflective guyouts, a headlamp hook and a watertight stuff sack that doubles as a pocket inside the tent
  • Includes dry-bag stuff sack, pump, repair kit and quick-deflate valve

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Whats really great about the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy is how easy it is to repair in the field. With any other similar style bivy, if the pole breaks, you are kind of just SOL. You might could manage to rig something to work, bu will probably be annoying the rest of the trip. With the NEMO Gogo LE Bivy you can easily carry around the small repair kit and travel without worry.

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