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Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent

Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent – Roomy and light 3 person tent.
Its easy to find a good three man tent these days. There are plenty of them out there. There are even some good three person backpacking tents. The problem comes when you try to find a lightwieght three person backpacking tent. When you break down the weight per camper, the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent weighs about two pounds per person. The Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent is just about everything you could want in a backpacking tent.

OK, so the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent isn’t the most lightwieght three person backpacking tent on the market. But, when you factor in the fact that your buddies can carry some of the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent parts as well, two pounds per person really isn’t all that bad. If you also factor in how much room you get with the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent, this suck almost becomes a no brainier.

If the average weight per person isn’t yet enough to impress you, maybe the amount of room inside the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent will. Under the rainfly of the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent you will find almost 80 square feet of space. that is more than enough room for three guys and all of their gear. To make the inside of the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent feel even bigger, you will find almost vertical walls and a door on each side.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $384

Why they rock:

  • 2 doors protected by vestibules eliminate jostling for position and provide roomy gear storage
  • Unique pole structure provides extra stability and creates nearly vertical walls that maximize useable space
  • DAC Featherlite SL poles are strong and lightweight due to extruded construction and the elimination of insert connections
  • Full mesh canopy is perfect on summer evenings; large side vents provide continuous airflow on rainy nights
  • Hassle-free setup features DAC Jake’s Feet corner anchor system which locks poles in place
  • Jake’s Feet act as levers that keep tent corners grounded as the rainfly is tensioned over the canopy
  • Catenary cut-aways in rainfly increase airflow, while reflective guyouts are illuminated in a headlamp’s light
  • Reflective guyouts, inside mesh pockets and removable tent organizer includes a light-diffusing pocket for your headlamp
  • Pawprint interior liner (sold separately) converts 2 sleeping pads into a double bed
  • Save weight and create a minimalist shelter by using just the rainfly, poles and footprint (sold separately)
  • Includes rollup-style stuff sack, stakes, guyout cords, repair kit and spare Jake’s Foot

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 7 out of 10

The Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent is not a bad tent by any means. It has plenty of room for gear and people. Its made of quality materials and an all around great three season, three person, backpacking tent. But, in my honest opinion, I think it is a bit overpriced. Its features for the price however, have me sitting the fence on the Nemo Equipment 3-Person Losi Tent.

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