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Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest

419upblhcnl_sl500_aa280_I am getting seriously interested in doing some regular trail running. As a result, I was looking for a good hydration pack to take out on the trail with me. There are no shortage of great hydration packs out there. The problem is, so many of them are too basic or to big for trail running. I wanted something that was simple, but had enough room for the necessities. During my search I came across the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest. While I probably won’t get it for trail running, it looks like an awesome hydration pack for adventure racing.

One really cool feature of the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest that Im sure adventure racers will love is the front pocket. This pocket is the ideal place to store essential at hand items like maps, compass, or gps units. That kind of feature is always nice to have for adventure races. Another neat feature of the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest that adventure racers might enjoy is the vest like design.

The vest like design of the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest does a number of things to improve your performance on the trail. For one, the vest design helps create a more comfortable feel to the pack and allows for a “less bouncy” feel that can can from running around. Don’t worry about all that fabric making you sweat. The vest portion of the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest is made up of a special wall mesh to help streamline the airflow across your body and back.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $73

Why they rock:

  • Propulsion Harness moves in harmony with your shoulder and upper-back movements, reducing wasted energy
  • Wall Mesh shoulder straps and backpanel channel air across your skin and wick moisture away to improve overall comfort
  • Insulated reservoir compartment zips open and provides quick, easy access to 2-liter reservoir
  • Bite Me valve is bent at a 90° angle; can be easily shut off with a quick twist
  • Zippered front pocket secures keys, ID or cash; opposite side stashes energy gels in a stretchy mesh pocket
  • Two zippered rear compartments organize additional items

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10
It is easy to see that the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest was designed with trail racing in mind. It has ll the features you want and need in a trail racing hydration pack, and none of the ones you don’t. You won’t find a lot of useless bells and whistles on the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest, just the essentials. Im sure thats something every adventure racer will appreciate.

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