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Napkleen – Dumbest Idea Ever?

dc.jpgIt’s been a long time since I publicly bashed a product on this blog. Maybe I am becoming desensitized to commercial stupidity or maybe I’m just growing nicer in my ripe old age of 25. Whatever the case, I recently came across a product I can’t help but laugh out loud at. The genius marketing team at Napkleen has relentlessly emailed me their “story idea” about their unique product. Before I start dissect the usefulness of this product to you, I think I will first let the company tell you in their own words.

Napkleen is a tie-free, invisible feeling, easy-to-apply disposable solution. Each product is backed or centered with an impermeable plastic coating that protects clothing. Simply unfold, turn pouch inside-out, peel backing and adhere to clothes.

What does all that jazz translate into? Lets see if I can decipher it for you;

“Napkleen is overly upgraded napkin that is just as easy to throw away as a standard napkin. Each product is coated with plastic for people who can’t do anything without making a mess of it. Simply unfold your overpriced napkin, wad up into a ball, and shove it down your throat for being and idiot and buying one of these.”

One thing I will give the marketing team over at Napkleen props for is their massive list of uses for the thing. They managed to think of a million and one uses; from marketing it to doctors, to parents, and of course restaurants. Geeze, who knew you could do so much with a napkin?