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Naneu Pro Alpha

Naneu Pro Alpha – The James Bond of camera bags.
naneu pro alpha
I was a professional photographer for quite a few years and have never seen a camera bag like the Naneu Pro Alpha. It is clear to see that someone went out of their way to design a camera bag for active travelers. Not only did the designers of the Naneu Pro Alpha take comfort and functionality into consideration, but they also looked into security.

The selling point to the Naneu Pro Alpha is its hidden camera compartment. From the outside, this pack looks like nothing more than a typical day pack. Unzip the top, it still looks like a typical day pack. It’s not until you spend some time examining the zipper on the back of the pack that you realize there is a camera bag in there. It’s obvious that the camera wasn’t thrown on as an afterthought either. There is room for a large DSLR with an 8” lens and can hold up to five small lenses, or two larger ones, and a flash. As far as camera specific features for the Nanueu Pro Alpha, there is also a zip away tripod rack on the side.

Don’t worry about the camera taking up room in the pack. There 12 additional pockets scattered throughout the Naneu Pro Alpha. Not to mention you can always take the camera section out and use the daypack without it. The waist belt and shoulder straps are well padded and extremely comfortable. There is a cell phone case built in and plenty of places to clip extra stuff on.

All and all, the Naneu Pro Alpha is one of my favorite finds in quite some time. Its well thought out, built to last, and made with activity in mind.

Want to get your hands on the Naneu Pro Alpha? Check out their website for more information.

What do you think about the hidden camera bag?