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Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit

Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit – leakproof and break-resistant travel bottles

The economical Nalgene Travel Bottle Kit is perfect for packing and organizing shampoo, lotion, body wash, vitamins, and other travel essentials. Made from heavyduty polyethylene, these bottles are as rugged as their popular Nalgene water bottles.

The kit includes six guaranteed leakproof bottles (some which fit the two independent dispenser caps) and two storage jars not intended for liquids but great for things like hair gel, peanut butter, or jewelery.

I’ve used these travel bottles for years and they haven’t seen the least bit of wear. I use them for a lot more than just toiletries – like olive oil for the camp kitchen and biodegradable dish soap.  The dispenser caps aren’t as leakproof as the regular tops though so I recommend traveling with the original cap on and switching out the dispenser cap when you need it.

It is important to note that some of these bottles are over the TSA 3 ounces size restriction for carry-on liquids so this might not be the best bottle kit plane travelers – see more about carry on luggage restrictions.

The Quick & Dirty

Where you can find one:
REI: $8.95
Amazon: $12.50

Why they rock:

  • All Bottles are BPA Free
  • Guaranteed leakproof and break-resistant; jars are not recommended for liquid storage
  • Color-coded caps allow for easy identification
  • 2 dispenser caps included
  • Comes in a heavy-duty, plastic zip-lock bag
  • Economical
  • Dishwasher Safe (top rack only)
  • Withstands temperatures from -100ºC (-148ºF) to 120ºC (248ºF)

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

I am giving these bottles an 8 because they don’t all meet the TSA 3 ounces size restriction. Other than that these bottles are perfect for tossing in your travel toiletry kit.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:

REI: $8.95
Amazon: $12.50