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MSR Miox Water Purifier

MSR Miox Water Purifier – Great water purifier for base camps.

Assuming you’re not some government, conspiracy, whack job; you probably have the same school of thought most people do. That school of though is, if it’s tested by the military, it must be good. The MSR Miox Water Purifier has been though exactly that, rigorous military testing.

How it Works: The MRS Miox Purifier eliminates the need to pump water. Instead, it takes a small amount of untreated water and charges it with electricity. The charge creates a mixture of oxidants that you then add to your untreated water.

Why it’s cool:msr-miox-purifier

  • It’s about the size of a small flashlight
  • Runs off batteries and salt
  • Doesn’t leave a bad taste in the water

Why it’s kind of not cool:

  • Can take up to four hours to work

The Miox Purifier treats water for Giardia in about 30 minutes and Cryptosporidia in about four hours. Because of its size and the fact that it is maintenance free, the Miox is the perfect water purifier for base camps and emergency kits.

Looking at buying one? Check out these sites:

Oregon Mountain Community: $129.95$139.90 FREE SHIPPING