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Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent

Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent – Perfect for couples.
If you like to go backpacking with your significant other, you probably don’t need as much room in a two person tent as others do. Unless of course you are going on an extended backpacking trip. Then you might need way more room so that you don’t get sick of each other after 30 days in the backcountry! The Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent is a nice mix of a cozy two person tent that has just enough extra room to help keep you from feeling claustrophobic. If you feel like snuggling up with your tent mate, check out the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent.

As I said above, the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent has a nice mixture of room. Because the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent is a backpacking tent, it cuts down on weight be eliminating some excess space. You cant stand up in the tent, but you have plenty of room to sit up straight in it. If you don’t use the rain fly and its vestibule and decide to keep the majority of your gear inside the tent, then it will be pretty cramped. There is plenty of room inside of the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent if it is just you, your tent mate and the essential indoor gear.

Ok enough about space. Lets talk about how light, tough, and easy to setup the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent is. This bad boy uses a one piece hub pole systems. This translates into a tent that is super easy to setup and requires little thinking, even when setting up for the first time. The total pack weight of the Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent is only about five pounds. Separate that between you and your tent mate and you have got a pretty light load.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $265

Why they rock:

  • Freestanding tent with nearly vertical walls and door has a spacious interior and a generously sized dry-entry vestibule
  • Atlas 7001 aluminum poles are anodized for corrosion- and dent-resistance and come with patented Delrin shock tips, so they’re completely field serviceable by hand
  • 1-piece, cross-hub pole design and reflective starter points ensure a quick and easy setup
  • Pole clips save weight, make setup a cinch and allow superior ventilation between rainfly and tent
  • Evolution Tension Arch technology uses a system of low-stretch fabric panels that reinforce the poles and add to the rigidity of the tent’s structure
  • Door with mesh panels increases ventilation while dual zipper sliders allow easy operation and venting options
  • Dry-entry vestibule design prevents water from dripping inside tent when vestibule is open, improving livability; rainfly window lets light in and views outside
  • For extra stability, each guyout point clips to the frame on the interior side of the rainfly via welded attachment points
  • All guyout points are reflective for easy identification; canopy pockets keep tent organized
  • Superlight buckles and webbing save weight
  • Fast pack pitching: In nice weather, use only the poles, rainfly and footprint (sold separately) to save weight
  • Mountain Hardwear Watertight Construction: Thoughtful design, taping and welding technology combine to make this tent watertight off the shelf; no seam sealing is required
  • Comes with stuff sacks, stakes and guyline/tighteners

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

The Mountain Hardwear Viperine 2 Tent is a great backpacking tent for couples. It offers just enough room to keep you comfortable, but not so much that you end up carrying more tent than you need. Keep in mind though, that that does not translate into small. With the rain fly in place you have plenty of space to keep your gear outside, leaving you with just the right amount of room inside.

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