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Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32

Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 – Award winning sleeping bag.
It might have been 2007 when the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 won Outside Magazines Gear of the Year award, but the sleeping bag is still just as good of a buy as it was back then. The Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 is a highly compressible sleeping bag that wieghs next to nothing, packs up small, and keeps you warm to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are in the market for a warm weather sleeping bag, the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 should be on the top of your list to check out.

The Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 may be designed as a 3 season sleeping bag, but it has enough “warmth technology” in it to make you think otherwise. One such piece of the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 design is the use of layering insulation in a wave shape. By doing this, it helps to increase thermal efficiency and help give the bag better loft. The Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 also uses a welded construction. the use of this type of construction helps to eliminate cold spots and moisture penetrating points, as well as help increase loft.

One cool feature on the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 are its half zippers. The dual entry half zips are designed to allow you to wear the bag while sitting up. So if you wanted to keep your legs warm while you read outside or sit around the fire, the side zips can help you do just that.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $179

Why they rock:

  • Welded construction on this superlight synthetic Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag eliminates cold spots by enhancing loft
  • Welding stabilizes the fill without sewing through the bag, eliminating moisture penetration points and maximizing loft
  • Laying insulation in a wave shape enhances loft and increases thermal efficiency, while offset welds increase stability and loft
  • Thermic Micro fill is warm, compressible and durable
  • Athletic cut reduces overall bag size and increases thermal efficiency
  • Dual entry half-zips allow the user to sit up and cook or read while staying warm
  • Comfort footbox is shaped to allow feet to rest naturally
  • Face gasket and tailored hood seal in warmth
  • Shoulder-level internal zippered pocket keeps eyeglasses, flashlights or other small items handy
  • Nylon stuff sack and nylon mesh storage sack included

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

Part of the reason I really like the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 is that its a great all around bag. It is small enough to keep the car for unexpected camp outs, sleepovers, or cold evening outings. The half zips make the Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina +32 perfect staying warm while sitting at your kids little league game, yet the bag its self is tough enough to keep you super warm while camping in the backcountry.

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Amazon: $179