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Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Fleece Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Monkey – Softest fleece on the planet.

There’s fleece jackets and then there’s the Mountain Hardwear Monkey fleece jacket. While run of the mill fleece is soft, warm, and comforable; the Mountain Hardwear Monkey is super soft, as warm as a sleeping bag, and just as comfortable. Combine such outstanding qualities with versatility and you have a bomber fleece jacket.

At first glance you will notice that the fleece on the Mountain Hardwear Monkey looks much different than other fleece jackets. The fleece on the Mountain Hardwear Monkey is a silky smooth, plush, Polartech fleece thats soft to say the least. The fleece is so silky smooth that you may just find yourself petting your arm while sitting around the camp fire.

The only major drawback of the Mountain Hardwear Monkey is that it wont perform well in widny enviroments. But if you combine the Mountain Hardwear Monkey with a waterproof shell you will have a layering system thats toasty warm and dry.

Some tech spec on the Mountain Hardwear Monkey:

  • Polartech monkey phur fleece
  • Stretchy chest Pocket
  • Smooth Velour lining inside
  • Treated with Durable Water Repellent

One thing is for sure, if you have the chance to try on a Mountain Hardwear Monkey fleece jacket, you are going to end up buying it. It’s as comfortable as that old pair of sweatpants you wear around the house.

Ready to buy? Check out this price: $94 – $128

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