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Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent

Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent – A tent with more room than you need.
Maybe you have a big family or maybe you and your camping buddies are just big boned. Whatever the case is, it sounds like you a need a tent with enough room to fit all of you comfortably. No one likes sleeping shoulder to shoulder in a tent with no room to get comfy. This would be where the Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent comes in. The is basecamp style tent offers you all the room you need to sleep, relax, and enjoy your time outdoors without a sense of claustrophobia.

As I said before, if room is what you are looking for, the Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent has plenty of it and in more ways then one. For starters, the tent its self has room for up to six sleepers. I know what your thinking, sure the tent can fit 6 people, but about the gear? The Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent also comes with a huge vestibule that will easily hold six peoples worth of gear without any problems.

Another great feature of the Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent is how easy it is to set up. Back inteh early days of tents it took about six people to setup a six person tent. The Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent is painless to setup and can be super quickly with just two people. The one piece cross hub pole design and easy to find starting points make sure you have no problems getting the tent setup.
The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $339

Why they rock:

  • Atlas 7001 pole system is lightweight, corrosion- and dent-resistant and completely field serviceable
  • One-piece, cross-hub pole design and reflective starter points ensure a quick and easy setup
  • Pole clips save weight, work simply and allow superior ventilation between rainfly and tent
  • Door with mesh panels increases ventilation while dual zipper sliders allow easy operation and venting options
  • Taped, full-coverage polyester rainfly maintains a taut pitch even when wet; nonyellowing, nonclouding, clear SVX film windows add light and views
  • Dry-entry vestibule design prevents water from dripping inside tent when vestibule is open, improving livability
  • Rainfly features laminated zipper flap for durability and increased water-resistance
  • Fly/vestibule design allows you to rollback the panels into multiple ventilating configurations
  • For extra stability each guyout point clips to the frame on the interior side of the rainfly via welded attachment points
  • All guyout points are reflective for easy identification and canopy pockets keep tent organized

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

The Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent really has everything you need to camp out with a large group or large family. Its roomy inside and out and its dry entry vestibule ensures the inside will stay as clean as it possibly can. Because its made by Mountain Hardwear, you know the Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent will last for youears to come. The best part of all? The cost of this portable mansion wont break the bank. At only about $400, the Mountain Hardwear Casa 6 Tent is a great investment.

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Amazon: $339