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Mountain Hardware Builds Tents That Save Lives

Is it just me, or does it seem like backpacking tents keep getting smaller and lighter? Every year backpacking tents seem to shed ounces like Jenny Craig members shed pounds. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll have “just add water” tents that can be carried around in our pockets.


In the meantime, Mountain Hardware has come out with a new line of ultra light three season tents. The new line of tents has something for everyone. There is a roomy, single pole hub, two person backpacking tent; an easy to pitch single person tent; a tall vertical entry, four to six person basecamp tent; and even a tent designed to save lives!

Yes, save lives, Mountain Hardware’s words, not mine. The Bunker, adequately named, is designed to withstand hurricane force winds at high elevations for an extended period of time. These backpacking tents get put to the test in the companies’ rain room. The rain room dumps out over 1,000 inches of rain and produces swirling wind every twenty four hours. It’s no wonder these backpacking tents come Guaranteed Watertight right out of the bag.

The tents range in price from $160 for the single person backpacking tent to $450 for the life saving Bunker. All and all, the Mountain Hardware tents are serious pieces of gear that I highly recommend. Order these tents from and get free ground shipping.

Do you have a Mountain Hardware tent? Share your opinions with us.