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Motorola P790 Portable Cellphone Charger

Motorola P790Motorola’s P790 Portable Cell Charger is perfect for those who spend tons of time on their phones, away from access to a source of power to recharge.

So all you business-suit-types, think of this: When cell phones are finally allowed on the planes, you can “buy low, sell high” and “complete the merger TODAY, Jim.” as loud as you want sitting in your miles-upgraded firsts class seat without having to worry about running out of juice.

Just don’t piss off the Federal Air Marshal (Who usually sits in 3B or 3H depending on what you’re flying in) or you’ll find yourself with a whole different type of recharge.

The P790 can charge your phone or any other device that has a mini-USB port in it. It holds enough juice to charge your phone up to 2 times. Thankfully, it’s not disposable power-on the go that will end up in a landfill almost immediately. You can actually recharge this with the same recharger as your Motorola phone using the included y-cable.

Street price is about $35-$50

Via: Wired Magazine