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Motorized Snowboard For Non-Mountainous States

Jimmy Dz Snow Carver

Winter sports season is approaching quickly, but some unlucky people in the center states have to drive hours (if not days) to be able to do anything other than cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing. If those are too much of a chore or boring for you, then maybe it’s time to pick up one of Jimmy D’z SnowCarvers.

You won’t be able to win any drag races against Jethro’s hopped-up Polaris, and the manufacturer recommends against any of the really fun stuff like frozen lakes, roadways, jumping or steep inclines. They even warn against being intoxicated.

If you’re a break-the rules kind, this could be a ton of fun. Otherwise, it’s about the same as getting pulled with your walk-behind snow blower. At $3550, you may as well buy a used snowmobile.