Mosquito Nets (Canopies, Bed Covers)

Mosquito NetsIt’s getting about time for people up in the northern hemispheres to start thinking about where they’re going to take their mid-winter sun break. Personally, I’d like to go to Bali or Belize/Panama.

Going in the winter/fall for us is usually during the rainy(er) seasons in the tropics, and having a mosquito net is a good idea, especially if the area you plan to visit is subject to a higher concentration of mosquito-carried diseases. (Here’s a visual map of dengue distribution)




Now, traveling paranoid is just stupid – but maybe less stupid than traveling blind or unprepared. Be safe, do some research, carry preventatives (like a mosquito net for your bed at night, insect repellent) and figure out where the nearest medical care is – before you actually need it. If you’re going somewhere really dangerous, you may want to carry real first aid items too, like snake bite kits, etc.

To the left you’ll see a few different types of mosquito nets. All of the ones pictured are available from Walkabout, a reputable name in the travel gear industry. Hammock Bliss also has a mosquito net cocoon hammock if you’re planning a jungle trip.