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Mens Hiking Boots


Looking for mens hiking boots? This short guide will help you learn a little bit about the science behind hiking boots. In turn, I hope this will help you pick out the perfect pair of mens hiking boots.

Not sure where to start? Here are some sweet mens hiking boots:

  • Vasque Wasatch GTX
  • Keen Targhee II eVENT
  • Asolo FSN 95 GTX
  • Merrell Pulse II
  • Asolo Flame GTX

Mens Hiking Boots – Money well spent.

The right pair of mens hiking boots can make all the difference in a long hike. Sure a good pair of mens hiking boots may cost a good bit, but they are worth every penny. A good paint of hiking boots will help stay comfortable and make for a better, happier, hike.

Before you go out and buy a pair of mens hiking boots, you will want to determine what type of hiking you will be doing most. If you just plan on doing a few day hikes here and there, you probably don’t need to shell out a ton of money on mens hiking boots. Recreational hiking can be done comfortably in some good trail running shoes or low cut hiking boots. Trips over five days will want more substantial support in their mens hiking boots.

Mens hiking boots should provide good support around the side of the leg and the ankles. This will help percent sprained ankles and other foot injuries caused by the hazards of the trail. The sole of your hiking boot should also be fairly solid. A good fitting mens hiking boot won’t let you feel small debris on the ground such as rocks, sticks, etc.
Another good feature of mens hiking boots is waterproofing. Try to find a pair of mens hiking boots that come waterproofed from the factory. If the boots themselves are not waterproof, see if you can use some aftermarket waterproofing.

Got a particular pair of mens hiking boots you like? Let us know!