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Marmot Trestles 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

31k4neygr1l_aa300_Marmot Trestles – affordable 4-season, zero degree, synthetic sleeping bag

I could hardly believe it – a quality zero degree bag at just $119! The Marmot Trestles 0 Degree sleeping bag is seriously rated to zero degrees and will keep you comfy in even the most abominable conditions. Marmot’s high-lofting, water-resistant synthetic SpiraFil insulation will keep you warm and dry in the worst wet and freezing conditions you can find. The bag also has a nice venting zipper to help air you out on warmer nights.

The Marmot Trestles weighs in at just about 5 pounds so it is on the higher end for a backpacking/mountaineering sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is perfect though for winter car camping or crashing in your car at the ski area parking lot. But when it comes to winter backpacking I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight if you find a sleeping bag that keeps you warm, dry, and safe.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find one:
Amazon: $139 (regular) $129-$148 (long)

Why they rock:

  • Synthetic 0 degree, 4-season sleeping bag at an unbelievable price
  • Synthetic SpiraFil insulation and Wave construction fight cold to keep you comfortable all night
  • Unique blend of 3-denier conjugated spiral hollow fibers and 1-denier polyester fibers provides loft, warmth and compressibility
  • Wave construction, consisting of overlapping shingles of insulation throughout the bag, prevents cold spots
  • Trapezoid footbox is wide in toe area, narrow at the heels, for comfort that does not compromise warmth
  • Nautilus 3D hood wraps around the head to reduce heat loss
  • Zipper guard keeps draft tube fabric from snagging in the coils
  • Compression stuff sack included

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10
If I haven’t stressed this enough, this bag is an amazing deal. A zero degree down bag will set you back at least 3-4 times the amount of the Marmot Trestles. This bag is perfect for those heading out for their first winter camping trip and freaked out that they will freeze to death. This bag will keep you seriously toasty down to zero degrees.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Amazon: $139 (regular) $129-$148 (long)