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Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag

Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag – Built Marmot Tough
If you are going to spend $300+ on a sleeping bag, don’t you want to know that it is going to last for years to come? When buying the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag you will get peace of mind knowing that Marmot has paid particular attention to this bags design. They wanted to create a bag that was tough, warm, lightwieght, and offered decent protection from the elements. In my honest opinion, they did a pretty awesome job at achieving all of the above; making the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag a wise investment.

One of the key selling points in the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag is its 800 fill goose down. This goose gown fill goes a long way in making the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag a great buy. This fill allows the sleeping bag to not only be super light, but also allows the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag to pack up super small. It stuffs into a sack so small that you could possibly carry it in your daypack with plenty of room leftover. Obviously this would rarely be the case, but it just goe sto show you how small the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag can be.

The Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag may be able to pack up small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t warm. The Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag has a variety of feature to help ensure you stay warm all through the night. Aside from the super warm 800 fill goose down, the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag also sports a 6 baffle hood to encase your entire head in an insulated hood. The Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag also features a down insulated draft tube and a draft tube around the zipper to help keep in every bit of warmth.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $239

Why they rock:

  • High-loft 800-fill-power goose down gives you unsurpassed warmth for remarkably little weight–packs down tight, too!
  • Water-repellent, windproof, downproof nylon microfiber shell is ultra-lightweight, yet strong; Sarcophagus Shape increases comfort
  • Baffles are made with stretch tricot, providing strength and long-wearing durability
  • Ground-level side seams eliminate cold air leaks and allow the goose down insulation to loft fully
  • Nautilus 6-baffle hood envelopes your head in warmth, while the Face Muff allows hood to be cinched snug without digging into your face
  • Down-insulated draft collar and large draft tube backing the zipper seal cold out; zipper guards prevent zipper snags
  • Draft collar features easy-access drawcord; locking, two-way full-length zipper prevents bag from inadvertently opening during the night
  • Hidden two-way draft tube pocket inverts into draft tube; holds watch or small essential items you need at night
  • Spacious trapezoidal nautilus footbox allows down to loft fully around your feet for optimum warmth
  • Comes with a cotton storage bag and nylon stuff sack

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

I am a big fan of Marmot and they have yet to let me down on anything they make. The Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag is no exception to that statement. It really has everything you could want in a sleeping bag of this temperature rating and then some. Curl up in the Marmot Pinnacle +15 Sleeping Bag with some warm clothes on and you can easily stay warm well below the suggested rating.

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