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Marmot Gallatin

Marmot Gallatin – A daypack with pockets to spare.

Marmot advertises the Gallatin backpack as; “Perfect for Saturday hikes with the family: plenty of room for an extra sweater, a few snacks, and some water.” Those Marmot guys are so modest. To say there is room for an extra sweater is an understatement.

marmout gillian

Not only is there plenty of room for several sweater in the Marmot Gillian, but there are also plenty of pockets in which to put them. In fact there are a variety of pockets designed for a variety of things. There is daypack standard hydration pocket, two water bottle pockets, and even a padded sunglass pocket.

In addition to the plethora of pockets, the Marmot Gillian has daisy chain and hook loops. These are perfect for wet or dirty gear that you don’t feel like putting in direct contact with all your sweaters.

A nice feature about the Marmot Gillian is the hip belt. The Split-Wrap hip belt is made to go all the way around the frame of the pack. Because of this, when the hip belt is tightened, it helps pull the pack to the wearers back. This in turn helps create a more comfortable fit.

So, if you need a day pack with plenty of room for sweater, water, and sun glasses; the Marmot Gillian is what you’re looking for.

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