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Marmot Eiger 45 Review

The Marmot Eiger 45 is a perfect backpack for travelers. It will beat off lurking thieves and shrink to pocket size for those cramped bus rides. Well, maybe that was an exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth.
Backpacks full of straps and outside pockets have their place. That place however, is nowhere near a jam packed bus in a third world country. Making your way onto public transportation in these places is hard, add large bulky backpack to the equation and you might not even make it in the door. Where do you find the balance of a roomy backpack with a sleek design?

In the Marmot Eiger 45.

The Marmot Eiger 45 is the perfect vagabond pack. The pack is 2,700 cu. inches, giving you plenty of room for all your basic traveling essentials. As I said before, the backpack is sleek. It is free of nonsense straps and external pockets. It has three pockets in the top compartment, two hip belt pockets, and one front pocket. But, you’d never know by looking at it.

Another nice feature about the Marmot Eiger 45 for travelers, is the lack of zippered pockets. Thieves seem to be drawn to zippers like moths to light. The lack of pockets here will send “would be” thieves onto the next poor sap.

I look forward to getting my hands on one of these.

Have you used a Eiger 45? Tell us about.