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Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp

mammut-headlamp1.jpgMammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp – Award winning headlamp.

When a piece of gear gets the Backpacker Magazine 2008 Editors Choice Award, you know its a good piece of gear. So what does Backpacker Magazine have to say about the Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp? Backpacker says, “… the Mammut Lucido blasts a tight, square shaped beam nearly 350 feet into the darkness.” Pretty impressive endorsement, wouldn’t you say?

The Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp uses the cutting edge Lucido light technology. This outstanding technology makes the Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp extremely efficient and versatile for any activity. From cold weather activities to backpacking in poor weather conditions.

Amazingly, the Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp does an excellent job at distributing light evenly across your field of vision, including your peripheral vision. This is thanks to a high quality, Total Reflex Optics lens. The light comes from a set of three LED lights. There is one HiFlux 1 watt LED and two smaller LEDs to provide floodlight.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $79

Why they rock:

  • High and Mid floodlight settings offer 14m and 7m of illumination, respectively, with up to 180 hrs. of battery life on Mid
  • Activate all three LEDs in Speedlight mode for long- and close-range lighting
  • Floodlight dispersion angles are designed to match your peripheral vision, thereby reducing dark spots
  • Switchlock mechanism protects the lens from impact and prevents light from accidentally being turned on while in your pack
  • Three red LEDs located on the battery pack provide visibility from behind—great for group climbing trips and nighttime bike rides
  • Battery check function allows you to monitor the status of your batteries
  • Operates on three AA batteries, included

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

Anything that gets the Backpacker Magazines Editors Choice Award is ok in my book. The Mammut Lucido TX1 Headlamp is really what I would call a pocket torch. It puts out a reliable stream of a sharp, bright light in any direction you need it.

Looking to buy? Check out these sites:

Amazon: $79