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M-Rock Arches Sling/Backpack Camera Bag

41ggop6euxl_sl500_aa280_M-Rock Arches Camera Sling Pack–the newly redesigned sling pack or backpack style camera bag that’s comfortable, versatile, and protective

Camera pack and bag manufacturer M-Rock recently unveiled a newly redesigned batch of camera bags that immediately got a lot of positive attention. Improving on already solid designs from before, M-Rock updated their line to meet the needs of photographers. This included the newly redesigned arches sling pack, that now has the option to wear the bag as a backpack as well.

According to, “M-ROCK’s new Arches sling bag-turn-backpack offers extreme flexibility with three separate access points to camera gear and includes two padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to carry as a sling bag, backpack or messenger bag. Arches also includes multiple dividers that can be configured for either horizontal or vertical loads.”

Basically, this bag is comfortable to wear on long days out in the field (“two padded shoulder straps..”); versatile in that “it can be adjusted to carry as a sling bag, backpack or messenger bag”; and protective in tat the bag includes “multiple dividers that can be configured for either horizontal or vertical loads,” meaning that you can arrange the padded dividers to best fit and guard your expensive equipment.

The Arches is designed to store a professional-series dSLR camera with up to a six inch lens attached with room for up to an additional four (4) six-inch lenses. It can also be reconfigured to hold a DSLR body with an 8 inch lens attached in a vertical load with room for a few additional lenses and accessories.

This bag will also protect your gear in all kinds of weather conditions and includes a weather jacket. The bag also comes with lens changing bag, lens cloth, snap hook for keys, bungee straps for stuffing a light jacket below the bag and there is even a wire port for the headphone wires of a MP3 player for jams on the road and many additional storage pockets and sleeves. Basically, the folks over at M-Rock thought of everything when they designed this pack.

Layer’s Magazine says that the new M-Rock bags “are well-made from rugged materials with tough stitching and generous padding” and gave the packs a solid review.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
M-ROCK Arches 528 Digital SLR Camera Sling Backpack Case (Sage/Black)

Why it Rocks:

  • Quality Build. Water resistant 610d outer fabric with dens closed cell foam and plastic panels to offer excellent protection of the valuable contents.
  • Felt style lining with non abrasive interior
  • Innovative divider system enabling the photographic equipment to be loaded vertically or horizontally.
  • Create one large single compartment by removing the divider separating the top and bottom sections.
  • Quadruple access into the upper and lower front and left side.
  • Two separate padded and dual adjustable shoulder straps included so the bag can be carried as sling bag pr backpack.
  • Weather jacket that also functions as a lens changing sack included on a cord. Protects the guts of the camera from the elements while changing lenses, or wraps around the entire bag and draw string shut with just the handle or a strap poking though the top.
  • Lens cloth for gently cleaning the lens glass or the LCD screen.
  • Multiple additional pockets and sleeves on the exterior and interior
  • Snap hook in front pocket for safely storing keys
  • Rubber bungee straps for stuffing a light jacket, umbrella or small tripod below the bag (also on the front of 676 fro light tri-pod)
  • Wire port in front pocket for MP3 Headphone wires.
  • Comfortable, spongy neoprene handle.
  • Life time warranty against manufacturer defects.

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

I’ll put it in the words of one satisfied customer:

Just writing to let you know that I took my M-ROCK Camera Bags, the Arches528 with me on vacation to the Bahamas. Let me tell you; 1st) it was nice carrying a camera bag that did not advertise, ‘here is a camera’. 2ND) it worked just as advertised, slide it under your shoulder forward, open up the double zipper and everything is there. No need to stop, sit down and open up your bag. I never missed a photo opportunity because I couldn’t access my camera. It was always right there. And 3rd, the greatest part, it rains a lot in the Bahamas, and sometimes unexpectedly, but with the attached rain proof cover (which I must admit, I never carried one before, used to use a souvenir bag) I had no fear of my camera ever getting wet.

Once again, thank you for everything; a great product and the wonderful customer service that I had received.!”

Sincerely, Ed

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
M-ROCK Arches 528 Digital SLR Camera Sling Backpack Case (Sage/Black)