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M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag

M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag – A compact SLR camera pouch.
Hobby photographers or parents who opt for SLR cameras over point and shoots, will appreciate the M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag. This camera bag is perfect for carrying out the little league game, but versatile enough to take hiking or on your family vacation. It is as well made as it is well thought out. The M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag offers a number of features that may seem small, but once you use the bag, you will see just how useful they really are.

So what kind of features can make a simple SLR camera bag so useful? One such feature is the bags reversed opening lid. The reversed zippered opening lid on the M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag makes it super easy to unzip and take out the camera while you wear it on your belt. Quick access like this means you will be ready for those candid shots that come and go in the blink of an eye.

Another cool feature of the M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag is how versatile it is. The bag offers a variety of carrying options that make the bag idea in a number of situations. Taking pictures at the soccer game? Keep the bag around your shoulder so that you can get quick access to the camera and accessories. Walking around Disney or taking a short hike? Keep the bag on your belt and out of the way. Just going to the folks house for Christmas? Grab and carry the bag via its sturdy grab handle.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
Amazon: $37

Why they rock:

  • Tough nylon exterior, protective plastic panels, and soft closed-cell foam help safeguard sophisticated electronics
  • Reverse-opening zippered lid provides you access to main compartment even as you wear the case
  • Simple to manipulate in a pinch, an efficient buckle opens protective flap to access exterior storage pouch
  • Stash accessories in exterior pouch with mesh pocket and organizers, an interior mesh pocket beneath the lid and an extra storage pocket below handle
  • Configure the neoprene shoulder straps with swivel snap hooks to carry as a backpack, shoulder pack or chest pack
  • Soft interior lining cradles delicate SLR lenses, digital cameras, binoculars or other electronic widgets
  • Includes storable waterproof cover and detachable lens cloth
  • Shockcord below case quickly stores bulky items
  • Will attach to any M-ROCK modular system case, backpack and modular belt
  • Snap-closure hook in front pouch secures key
  • s

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

The M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag is a great bag period. But, it is especially cool if you are a hobby photographer who plans to grow their equipment over time. The M-Rock Appalachian 510 Camera Bag uses a modular system that allows you to easily build up a custom camera case/belt system as you need to.

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Amazon: $37