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Lowepro Fastpack 250

15173Lowepro Fastpack 250–the ultimate flashpacking backpack that’ll hold all your gear

If you are looking for one great travel camera case that can not only hold and protect your SLR or DSLR and extra lenses, but can also fit your laptop, cords, extra memory and batteries and maybe even a sandwich for the road, than the Lowepro Fastpack 250 is designed to meet all of your needs. LowePro, purveyors of everything camera related, have come out with another version of their very popular gear and camera bags with the Fastpack 250.

The Lowepro Fastpack 250 was designed specifically for photographers gear bag that has tons of pockets for lenses and flashes are great for lots of other gadgets you may tote around with you. There is also a side loading slot can handle up to a 17-inch laptop.

The lower compartment can hold an SLR–and despite being at the bottom of the pack, it’s still easily accessible if you place the zippers on the side so that you can swing the bag around onto one shoulder and wear it as a sling pack out in the field.

There are five smaller compartments that are reconfigurable to fit whatever kind of equipment you have. I have a handful of chargers, batteries, phones, cables and other random things occupying said compartments. There are also two smaller pouches in thee lower compartment that can store memory cards. On the outside of the zippered flap is another pouch to store whatever else you feel like carrying with you–whether it be more extra cords or a PB & J for the plane. The top loading pouch has ample room for a laptop charger, headphones, books, etc–making it an ideal camera travel pack for storing all your gear.

Velcro-in-place dividers allow you to customize the fit your camera and equipment to keep it safe and the security flap, which is secured with two plastic clips that hold the main side flap from opening too far and spilling your expensive gear on the floor. There is abundant padding between both camera gear and the notebook compartment, which also ensures your gear safe even with unwanted jostling and shock.

While, the main notebook compartment is nice and well padded, it does lack a retention strap inside. The padded shoulder straps are also meant to keep you comfortable even when carrying a bag that’s up to 20 lbs.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Lowepro Fastpack 250 $89.95

Why it Rocks:

  • Side Entry Compartment provides easy access to D-SLR equipment and accessories, even when pack is being worn
  • Triple Compartment Design ensures superior camera protection, notebook protection (fits up to a 15.4″ Widescreen), and organizes personal accessories
  • 180-Degree access panel with adjustable dividers provides excellent protection in a customized fit that’s easy to load.
  • Outer accessory pockets provide external storage for other accessories with fast access, including a harness pocket for an MP3 player or Mobile Phone.
  • Tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects against moisture and abrasion

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

While some have complained that the Lowepro Fastpack 250 isn’t the most comfortable bag to wear when a full 17 inch laptop is stored inside and that the cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap can not hold a Blackberry, iphone or other smart phone, most of the complaints about this camera backpack tend to be pretty small. Since Lowepro is synonymous in the photographic industry with smartly designed and innovative packs that will protect your gear, while having easy-to-use pockets that makes keeping all your cords, accessories and other stuff organized and easy to find. Plus, having one bag (that meets all carry-on requirements) that can fit al your flashpacking gear makes it easy to hit the road with and keep all your techie stuff.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Lowepro Fastpack 250 $89.95