London Underground Map on a Portable Steel Card

London Underground MapSuckUK has got you covered if you want a durable, metal card with a map of the London Underground etched on it. For less than 8 quid, you can have something to carry around that fits in your wallet and sets off metal detectors everywhere. Good news is that it probably won’t erase your credit cards’ magnetic strips. Probably.

After purchase, if you’re not fully satisfied with the London Underground metal card, we invite you to join in on this song. But watch the speakers if you’re at work, and those of you who don’t like foul language should probably not click. If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.




Unfortunately, the New York version won’t be joined by a similarly catchy tune. But it’s NY and nobody really gives a crap whether you’re satisfied or not.

Via: Gridskipper