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L.L. Bean Bigelow

L.L. Bean Bigelow – Awarded Editors Choice by Backpacker Magazine

The Bigelow is a budget priced daypack filled with tons of features. In my opinion, one of the sweetest features on this daypack is its hybrid design. The pack features both top loading and side loading access. So, no matter where your gear is, you have easy access to it.

In addition to the Bigelows hybrid design, it sports a wealth of additional features. The full-length backpanel, 4-inch wide shoulder straps, and sturdy hipbelt allow you to pack to your hearts desire.

Another feature I’m fond of as a traveler, is the built in raincover. Obviously, this feature is great when backpacking during rainy season, but I also enjoy the security it offers. I prefer to use the rain cover daily. Why, you ask? It covers up access to the pack, making it more difficult for thieves to simply unzip your pack and take what they like. Sure, it’s no full proof security system, but extra precautions never hurt anyone.

Here’s the low down on L.L. Beans Bigelow Daypackll-bean-bigelow


  • Built in raincover
  • Top and side loading
  • Super low price
  • Hipbelt with pockets
  • Water bottle pockets


  • Panel load version is only about 1,800 cu. in.

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Do you have a Bigelow? What do you think of it?