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Liquivision F1 Dive Computer

Liquivision F1 Dive ComputerLiquivision’s new F1 Dive computer is loaded with all sorts of benefits targeting the elite diver. With features like 4 samples per second, digital pressure sensor, organic light emitting diode display providing always-on lighting, a zero-drift system, rechargable battery with a 40 year life, and a depth range up to 275m this really is the F1 of diving computers.

Manufactured with accuracy and reliability in mind, the Liquivision F1 will no doubt be of great use while snorkeling around your neighborhood YMCA pool. Don’t forget to pick up one of these newfangled swimmer’s snorkles too. Seriously though, where it could come in really handy is while diving in Belize’s Blue Hole or maybe even in Hawaii.

Priced at a cool $749 it’s sure to pull your hard-earned cash out of the depths of your pockets – or your Capital One card.

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