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Lifestraw: Say Good-Bye to Unwanted Parasites and Waterborne Diseases

inst05.JPGWe all take water for granted, but for millions of people around the world access to clean water is limited. Travelers can also experience this life threatening problem when traveling through developing nations or backpacking through remote wilderness. One thing you should never do is mess around with unsanitary drinking water.

The Lifestraw is an invention that will hopefully save lives and it is something that could be very useful the next time you travel. According to the product’s Web site:

Mobilising LifeStraw® offers relief from the waterborne diseases of major public concerns such as Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery and Diarrhoea. As a personal mobile water purification tool, LifeStraw® is designed to turn surface water into drinking water, thus providing access to safe water wherever you are.

It looks simple enough to use and if it really works it is genius.