Learn Spanish on Your iPod

iPod Spanish to Go – Learning Spanish via your iPod
If you need to learn Spanish while you’re on the go, or just need a crash course, it only makes sense to learn through your iPod. The team at INSTA Spanish has setup a pretty decent website to help you learn Spanish on your iPod. The also have a resourceful website to go along with their podcasts.

The FREE newsletters are well put together. They are like mini instructional classes on how to learn Spanish on your iPod. You can download the audio to your iPod and print out worksheets and activities to follow along with while you listen.

There is also a forum of other users where you can discuss and get help with learning Spanish. If you are looking to get more than the free newsletter classes, there is a store on the website that sells all sorts of downloadable material. There are all kinds of audio books and videos that you can download directly to your iPod.




The INSTA Spanish website is a great free resource to get you started learning Spanish on your iPod.