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Laptop Lock Only Keeps Honest People Away

Targus Defcon CL Laptop Lock DefeatedEngaget just released a well worth reading (and entertaining) article about the security problems of laptop accessory manufacturer Targus’ Defcon CL laptop lock.

Similar to the days when you could pick a Kryptonite bicycle lock with a Bic pen, all it takes is a guts and a beer can or paper clip to defeat the Defcon CL and walk off with a new-to-you laptop. For specific instructions, with pictures, read Engadget’s PDF whitepaper. (Anyone else notice that the whitepaper is dated September 11, and today is only the 8th?)

If you’re wanting to practice how to do it on a lock of your own, better hurry and buy one soon. I’m guessing stock will get pulled from the shelves quite quickly.

The bombardment of Targus will apparently continue with an upcoming Engadget feature their the mobile iPod lock. I guess that’s what one might expect when you pick a product name like Defcon.