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Laptop Cases

Laptop Bags – Laptop bags for people on the move.
Now-a-days, many people wouldn’t think twice about going anywhere without their laptop. For some it’s a business necessity and others it’s just a must have luxury. Regardless of the need for taking your laptop on your travels, one thing’s for sure, you need some way to carry it around.

When it comes to laptop cases you have two basic types; there is the standard shoulder bag and the backpack style case. The standard shoulder bag includes the popular messenger bag as well as womens tote style bags. Increasingly popular are the laptop cases that are your standard daypack, but with padding and dividers for your laptop and accessories.

Here are a couple of my recommendations of laptop cases for the traveler:

Business Laptop Cases
These laptop cases are perfect for business travelers or those of you who just have a whole lot of computer equipment to lug around.

  • Perspective Mobile Laptop Office $89.99
    This rolling style laptop cases was designed with flyers in mind. The case meets carry on requirements, fits nicely down the aisle of airplanes, and has a telescoping handle. There is tons of room and divider in this case to keep your laptop safe and your work organized.
  • Firewall Laptop Brief $49.99
    Did someone ask for pockets? This laptop case has a seemingly endless supply of pockets on it. If you are a neat freak or just one of these people who loves packs with pockets, this is the case for you. There is plenty of room to put all you business supplies, laptop accessories, and more in this shoulder bag laptop case.

Backpack Laptop Cases
If you need a little bit more mobility out of your laptop case or just more storage room, then a backpack style laptop case is probably right up your alley.

  • High Sierra Swerve $49.99
    This backpack style laptop case lots of padding and compression straps to help keep your laptop safe and secure during treks through jungle or across campus. The backpack also comes with other basic daypack features such as a water bottle holder, a few accessories pockets, and lots of internal organizers.
  • Gravis Metro Pack $75.00
    There’s probably more room than you know what to do with in this laptop case. There is a separate padded sleeve for your computer, a huge main compartment with all kinds of pockets, zippers, and flaps; and if that wasn’t enough, there are three more pockets on the outside, as well as a cell phone pocket.

Messenger Bag Laptop Cases
These seem to the most popular style of laptop cases out there, thus they deserve their own post. So be on the lookout for my top picks of messenger bags.

What type of laptop case do you use?