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Laptop Bags for the Style Conscious Woman

There are more bags to carry your laptop than there are laptop models. (This statement of course, was just dreamed up as a non-scientific off-the-cuff survey in my own head.) So how are you supposed to pick one with all these choices? It’s like being at a Chinese restaraunt where you only order #63 again because you can’t make up your mind on any other items.

Well, lucky for you – you’ve got style. That narrows it down a bit for sure, while it makes it that much more difficult to find something that matches that style. Lucky for you, we’ve got a bit of a luggage fetish here at Travel Gear Blog and we’ve picked out the coolest bag(s) out there for a few different styles. Just pick your style from the list below, and you’re in business.

Successful Business Woman: Bosca Laptop Bags

Graphic Designer: Casauri Laptop Bags

Hipster: Arenot Monacca Laptop Bag
Cedar Laptop Bag

College Student: Eastpak Laptop Backpack

Via: Popgadget, Boing Boing