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Knee Defender & Scanner Bag Previews

Knee Defender and Scanner Bag PreviewsTall people have a natural disadvantage while traveling. Especially in coach. Then, the 6 year old in front of you reclines their chair all the way back and you can’t even get out to pee because your knees are wedged into the back of the seat.

Fret no more! The Knee Defender is here! The Knee Defender is a clever little wedgy-type of device that locks the seat in front of you to the seat-back tray so it can’t recline. You get the benefit of retaining circulation in your legs AND being able to use your laptop or eat wonderful airline food.

So they say. But we’re about to find out if there’s proof in the pudding. Early next week, Carrie from Business Travel Logue is going to see how many people she can piss off by locking their seat fully forward. She’s also going to test out Gadget Duck’s sister product, the Scanner Bag.

Here they are, Carrie! Just waiting for you to come and get ’em. Remember: “Be courteous. Do not hog space. Listen to flight attendants.”