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Kite-Fishing Increases Challenge

Kite Fishing InstructionsApparently some people think fishing’s too easy, and are up for a bit more of a challenge. Enter Kite-Fishing. If standing on the shore while boozed up on MGD and trying not to hook you best friend while casting isn’t hard enough, try hooking up a kite to your boat and pulling it around aimlessly while keeping the kite in the sky and attempting to catch something other than underwater snags.

This was, no doubt the invention of a clever husband who figured it would be a great disguise for fishing while his wife thinks he’s entertaining the kids at the beach. A diagram of how you can do the same, and outsmart the missus is included. Just click on the image above for a larger version. But we’re not taking any responsibiliby here – and don’t be sauced up on the MGD when you’re driving that boat around.