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Kids Luggage

Trying to find some kids luggage? Going out of town for the holidays? Surprise your children with an early Christmas present, children’s luggage. It will help keep the kids out of your hair, if only for a few minutes!

Kids Luggae by Roxy

Not sure where to start? Here is some of my favorite children’s luggage:

  • Mickey Repeat
  • Kids Gear Rolling Duffle
  • Tinkerbell 21
  • Sammies Frisky Medium Duffel – Pengiun

Kids luggage – Better than ever.

Kids luggage has become increasingly popular in the market. No longer is childrens luggage limited to poorly made, screen printed, suitcases. Today kids luggage is made by some of the top names in the luggage industry. Not to mention that kids luggage is become more versatile, better designed, and practical.

With more and more interest in kids luggage, big name designers are creating luggage just for the little people. Some of these names include Skyway, Samsonite, and of course Disney. All of which have a line kids luggage.

While there are still plenty of whimsical designs for kids luggage, now you can find a larger amount of kids luggage that they can grow into. Designed with a bit more “sophistication”, many of today’s kid luggage will be able to handle your child’s change in taste.

Got a particular piece of kids luggage you like? Let us know!