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Key Buoy, the Self-inflating Floating Keychain

Davis Key BuoyIf you’re out sailing the English channel, or rafting in bali and you drop your keys, what are you gonna do? Put on scuba gear and be glad for an excuse to test it out? I think not.

Davis Instruments has got you covered with an ingenious self-inflating buoy (available at Landfall Navigation) that will bring your keys back up to the surface within 30 seconds of being dropped in the water. While this probably won’t save your car alarm fob from destruction, at least you’ll still have your keys.

The 14-inch long orange “air tube” inflates and raises your keys, and protrudes out of the water making it easy to spot, better than a small, conventional foam key buoy. It can maintain your keys on the surface for up to 40 minutes. Sadly, it will only save you once as it’s a single-use item, but being and eco-friendly traveler, it is recyclable.

Via: coolest-gadgets