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Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack

Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack – Great for sight seeing.
I have never really been a big fan of lumbar packs and fanny packs. I think the fact that Hulk Hogan swears by them might be one reason I am put off by them. Misdirected as that might be, I can’t help it. However, there are a number of outdoor enthusiasts that swear by them. If you happen to be one of those people and are in the market for a new lumbar pack, might I suggest the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack? While I may not be a fan of the concept, I can still appreciate quality gear and the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack is definitely that.

Lumbar style packs are especially great for outdoor activities that require you to have a majority of your gear within hands reach at all times. While some daypacks can do this, you don’t always need all the room they offer, this is where lumbar packs like the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack come into play. These lumbar packs are great for activities like birdwatching, sight seeing, fishing, short day hikes, and a wide variety of other outdoor activities.

One thing I always hated about lumbar packs is how when they are packed full they tend to sag and not stay in place. This is not so much the case with the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack. The Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack has tried to solve this problem by creating a special frame system made up of delrin rods. This frame system works to better support heavy loads and full packs and aids in preventing sagging.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $44

Why they rock:

  • Main compartment holds lunch or a jacket
  • 2 external mesh pockets securely hold water bottles (sold separately) and provide easy access when you’re on the go
  • Front pocket holds a hat and energy bars; fleece-lined accessory pocket carries sunglasses
  • Internal zippered pocket stashes small essentials such as keys, sunblock or lip balm
  • Delrin rod frame supports heavy loads and keeps the pack from sagging
  • Compression straps tighten down load, adding stability to waistpack
  • Removable, adjustable and padded shoulder strap converts lumbar pack into a commuter bag; both the shoulder strap and hipbelt tuck away when not in use
  • Daisy chain allows additional gear to be strapped on to exterior

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

If you like lumbar packs and don’t mind being in the same clique as Hulk Hogan, than you may have some interest in the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack. Combine all the essentials the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack brings to the table and its decent price tag, and the Kelty Oriole Lumbar Pack seems to be a pretty good deal. If you are in to lumbar packs, I would love to know what ones you think are some of the best. Leave a comment below and fill me in.

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