Kelty Illusion Backpack – Womens Backpack

Kelty Illusion Backpack – A travel pack especially for the ladies. SALE $101.97

It’s come to my attention that with all of the gear reviews I’ve done on Travel Gear Blog, I’ve yet to do any specific for women. Perhaps I’m your typical self centered, sexist, egotistical male; or maybe I just don’t like girls….riiigght. Yes ladies, I did forget about you, but here is a steal of deal to make up for it.

Kelty Illusion Backpack




Think of the Kelty Illusion backpack as a supped up daypack. It has everything your daypack has and then some. For starters, the Kelty Illusion is made with LightBeam aluminum and ultralight materials, the two of which create a super strong back without the weight.

Ladies, I know what you’re thinking, “How is this a women’s backpack?”

The Kelty Illusion backpack comes with a plethora of ways to make it fit your unique body shape (no it doesn’t make you look fat.) The Illusion sports an anotomi9cly curved suspension with spacer mesh padding to help make the pack more comfortable for the ladies. In addition, the Illusion can also be adjusted for a custom fit with the packs Loadlifter system and belt stabilizer straps.

We all know how girls like their accessories, so check out want comes with the Kelty Illusion Backpack:

  • 3500cu in.
  • Hydration Compartment
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Front panel
  • Gear loops
  • 2 Water bottle pockets
  • 2 External pockets
  • Lifetime warranty.

Ladies, what do you think? Are you ready to get your hands on a Kelty Illusion Backpack? Well, lucky for you, they are on sale now ( I know how you love sales.) Check these prices out: SALE $101.97