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Kelty Hub Backpack

Kelty Hub BackpackKelty Hub Backpack – Airplane friendly and backpacker approved.

On the lookout for a good carry-on sized bag for your travels and weekend getaways? The Kelty Hub Backpack has everything you and then some. What may look like a standard piece of carry on luggage is actually an all in one travel pack.

Great features are something there is no shortage of on the Kelty Hub Backpack. One of my favorite things about the Kelty Hub Backpack is the built in toiletry kit. No need to make room for one, because its already built in.

The Kelty Hub Backpack is large enough for weekend trips. The standard size comes in at 2600 cubic inches. Should you need some extra room all you have to do is unzip the expansion zipper and you’ll get about 500 more cubic inches of space. That’s puts the packs total packing space at 3100 cubic inches.

Should you be so unlucky as to have your boarding gate be the furthest one away from the ticket counter, you can wear the Kelty Hub Backpack via its shoulder straps. If you don’t feel like sporting the backpack, you can always wear it over your shoulder like a duffle bag or carry it by the grab handles. You can also tuck away the backpack straps when not in use or take the shoulder strap off altogether.

Want to buy the Kelty Hub Backpack for your next weekend trip?

Get one here: $143.96