Kelty Binto Hauler

Kelty Binto Hauler – More road trip organizational tools.

I think I just have a fetish for all things organizational (although you’d never know it looking at my house). First I wrote about the Packing Cubes, then the Mountiansmith Cargo Case, and now the Kelty Binto Hauler. What’s wrong with me?


The Kelty Binto Hauler is a packing system that is sure to help keep you organized on your next road trip. The three color coded Binto bags are 1400cu. In. with stiffened vertical webbing straps. These straps make the bag stand upright on its own. The three Bintos fit inside the separately sold Kelty Binto Hauler.

The 7000 cu. In Kelty Binto Hauler is a large duffle with Derlin hoops on each end to help keep the hauler open and shapely. The Kelty Binto Hauler is made out of a light, ripstop , polyester that can be easily wadded up for storage. There are alos easy to hold handles on each side of the hauler as well as a shoulder strap for carrying it from the car to the hotel.





  • Colorful
  • Easy to stay organized


  • All items are sold separately

Despite the fact that the Kelty Binto Hauler and the Binto cubes are all sold individually, I think the Kelty Binto Hauler is a rocking ay to keep organized in the car. But then again I seem to be in love with anything that sorts, labels, or separates.

Do you want to pick up a Kelty Binto Hauler for your next road trip? Check them out here: