Keeping Safe in Hotel Rooms

Unless a majority of the hotel you stay at can be found on a season of Amazing Hotels, you’ve probably stayed in a few sketchy hotel rooms before. You know the kind I’m talking about; the one were the door barely lock and has an inch wide gap in it. The kind of room that you swear you saw in Psycho. So, how do you keep safe in these suspenseful thrillers waiting to happen? Check out these two little products.

Portable Door Lock


This little beauty is about half the size of a butter knife and can easily fit anywhere in your pack. The Portable Door Lock does just what the name implies; it creates a second lock on the door from inside the room. It works by hooking to the existing strike plate so that the door can’t be pushed open even when the door is unlocked.

Wedge Gaud Door Stop Alarm

The Door Stop Alarm is basically your standard industrial door stop, but with a high decibel siren installed into it. The way the Door Stop Alarm works is like this; place the Door Stop behind any door. When the door is opened, it will temporarily jam the door and give off a high pitch pulsating alarm.




My thoughts on these tools to stay safe in your hotel room; I think they are a great idea for the solo female traveler. I’m not saying you ladies cant handle your self, but why not be one step ahead of the guy trying to get into your room? These tools are cheap, light , and small; why not take them?