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Keen Roatan

Keen Roatan – Stylish watersocks for girls.
To classify the Keen Roatan with watersocks almost seems like an insult. The Keen Roatan is far from the sorely outdated water shoe trend of the early 1990s. These shoes are cute, comfortable, and have great traction. At least that’s what I’m told. I don’t make a habit of wearing women’s shoes, so I’ll take my old ladies word for it.

The Keen Roatan is a water shoe specific to women. It features a minimal upper design, much like that of the Mary Jane style shoes. There is also some serious traction on the bottom of the Roatan to help keep you upright in all water environments.

The upper neoprene part of the Keen Roatan comes in five different colors. That way you can make sure to have them match your outfits. Sorry ladies, that was fascist, I know.

Here are a few more specs on the Keen Roatan:

  • Carbon rubber non-marking soles
  • Stretch Neoprene upper
  • Lateral support system

Want to pick up some Keen Roatans? Check them out here: $35.00

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