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Keen Hood River II

Keen Hood River II – Is it a shoe, sandal, or Croc wannabe?


The Keen Hood River II is collection of every water shoe ever made. It is part sandal, part Crock, and dare I say…water sock? Luckily, when you mix all these good, and not so good, water shoes together, you get a pretty cool design.

Made with an amazing wet traction technology called Aqua Stop, the Keen Hood River II has serious grip even on slick surfaces. Because of the open air design of the Keen Hood River II water drainage is of little concern.

The Keen Hood River II webbing system is similar to that of the Chaco sandals. The single pull design allows you to pull one strap to tighten down the shoe. The combination of the strap, footbed, and heel guard; make for all day comfort and stability.

Here’s the dirt on the Keen Hood River II:

• Patented toe protection
• Drainable midsole and outsole
• Removable dual density footbed
• Hydrophobic SBR lining
• Aqua Stop water traction
• Siped carbon rubber outsole

So, if you are looking for a water show with plenty of protection, but still want to get your feet wet; check out the Keen Hood River II.

Buy the Keen Hood River II here:

What do you think about the Keen Hood River II? Too much or not enough?

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