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Katadyn Vario Microfilter

pump-filter.jpgKatadyn Vario Microfilter – Minimal effort required.

There’s nothing worse than having to filter water after a long day of hiking. All that pumping seems to take forever and take the last bit of energy from you. Luckily, the Katadyn Vario Microfilter reduces the amount of work it takes to get clean, fresh tasting water.

The Katadyn Vario Microfilter uses a special, dual piston, technology. This technology reduces the amount of effort it takes to pump water through the filter. The Katadyn Vario Microfilter can easily pump out 2 liters of water in one minute.

The other really great feature of the Katadyn Vario Microfilter is its ability to switch between filtration modes. Essentially, this increase the usable life of the pump. When pumping dirty water, you can use the ceramic filter to help keep debris from damaging the pleated glass filter. If you are pumping from a cleaner water source, simply disengage the ceramic filter for faster filtration.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $72

Why it rocks:

  • A simple turn engages a ceramic pre-filter for long life in dirty water or a pleated glass fiber filter in normal conditions
  • Produces up to two quarts per minute in the faster flow mode and one quart per minute in longer life mode
  • Replaceable carbon core keeps water tasting fresh; reduces chemicals, odors, and toxins throughout the life of the cartridge
  • Dual piston technology provides maximum output with minimum effort
  • Adapter base attaches directly to water bottles or an output hose can be used to fill hydration systems or larger containers
  • Why it bites:

  • Requires replacement filters

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

With such a brilliant design, its no wonder the Katadyn Vario Microfilter won Outside Magazines, gear of the year award in 2007. Its easy to use, well made, and designed to out live many other filters in its class.

Looking to buy? Check out these sites: $72